Monthly Meetings
are held at St Mark's Church Hall, Guildford Road East, Farnborough
at 2pm on the last Tuesday of the month during term time, unless stated otherwise.

May 29th 2018 - The National Garden SchemeAngela O’Connell 
The talk will cover the history of the NGS with photos of local gardens and explain the way in which the NGS supports many of the national health charities

June 26th 2018 - Life Under the Veil - Sandra Simmonds 
NB Change of speaker & subject from original programme
This is the story of a lady who married an Iranian when they were both officers in the RoyalNavy.
When they left the service they went to live in Iran. She covers in detail her life there at the time of the Iranian Revolution during 1978-9.

already held 2017-2018

January 30th  2018  SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING   +                                                

Empire, War and cricket in South Africa -  Dean Allen 
This talk explores how James Logan made his fortune in South Africa through business, politics and an association with the British Empire’s favourite sport . The talk will also examine the South African cricket tour to England in the midst of the Boer War.

November 28th - Ocean Sailing - Mike Forrest
Mike Forrest has been sailing in small boats for the last half century. He is a yacht master and a dingy sailing instructor and has crossed the Atlantic under sail. This talk describes some of the things he has done and what you might do too.

31st October  AGM

 26th September - Scams - Gil Marston Jones

Gil is a local scam ambassadors and will talk about how scammers make victims part with their personal details and how victims get hooked into responding to scams. She describes the stress felt by victims and how we can help friends and family who become victims.
February 27th 2018 - The Work of Shelter box - Tim Vile
By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, this international charity is transforming despair into hope for hundreds of victims around the world.

March 27th 2018  - A House of Eternity ~ The Tomb of the Nobleman Nakht - Mike Hollis

Mike sets this beautiful jewel of an ancient Egyptian tomb in its geographic and historic location before taking us on a scene by scene tour of the fascinating decoration, much of which depicts daily life some 3500 years ago.

April 24th 2018  - Gentleman of Jazz - Bob Sinfield 
This talk tells the fascinating story of George Chisholm, from his Glasgow boyhood to a  50 year career in jazz that earned him the OBE and recalls George's eventful, often hilarious double life as trombonist and comedian.